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The most southern city in Egypt, Aswan is known for its Nubian past and for being an important gateway into Africa. Aswan offers a very relaxing place for holiday and a scenic setting next to Egypts enormous Nile River.

The stretch of the Nile River around Aswan is particularly beautiful and flows past many enormous boulders of granite. There are numerous islands within the middle of the Nile, close to central Aswan, which are often studded with tropical palm trees and offer an exotic feeling.

Elephantine Island is the biggest of these islands and home to the Nubian villages of both Koti and Siou, both of which are worthy of exlporation. Tourism in Aswan is increasing and many hotels and restaurants flank the riverside street, the Corniche el-Nile. For tourist information, the tourist office on the Midan al-Mahatta, is easy to find and conveniently close to the train station.

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