El Minia

El Minya is called the Bride of Upper Egypt due to its location which is roughly at the border of Upper and Lower Egypt. It lies about 153 miles south of Cairo and is a center for the manufacture of soap, perfume and sugar processing. It is also the provincial capital. Once a cotton center, there are some fine houses here, though not very old, which housed the Greek and Egyptian cotton barons, but now house government offices.

There is little historical to see here, though the tree lined Corniche along the Nile is pleasant. About four miles outside town is a Muslim and Christian cemetery called Zawiyyet al-Mayyiteen (Place of the Dead) which is said to be one of the largest cemeteries in the world. Other sights to see include the El-Umra Mosque, which is the towns oldest and the El-Lamati Mosque.

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