The humble birthplace of the Rastafarian movement, coffee and oh yes, humanity, there is nowhere else in Africa quite like Ethiopia. One of the oldest countries in the world and the second-oldest official Christian nation, Ethiopia is more known for its ancient churches and 17th–century castles like those in Gondar, than for its safari tours. Located on the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia’s incredibly rich and storied history is written across the country’s diverse landscape. From the ancient obelisks of Aksum to the Orthodox Churches in Lalibela where you can watch ceremonies being performed exactly as they were over 1000 years ago. The only African country to never succumb to European colonisation, Ethiopian culture is rich and proud, demonstrating its local identity with its unique Amharic language and exceptional cuisine. Ethiopian food includes spongy injera, a staple of most meals and sweet honey wine called tej that is crisp and delicious. From the lush highlands in the north that encompass the jagged peaks of Simien National Park to the low-lying plains inhabited by rural tribes, Ethiopia’s diverse landscape, fascinating history and culture and warm people are sure to capture both your imagination and heart.

In the heart of Ethiopia is the nation’s capital, Addis Ababa. While the large, populous city serves as the country’s administrative capital, locals see their beloved Addis as a gateway to prosperity. Visitors will note the herds of cattle trudging through the city streets on their way to market and the hustle and bustle of vendors trying to make a better life for themselves. Once in the hands of the Italians, the city retains remnants of their influence, with espresso being served in sidewalk cafes and older buildings adorned with Mediterranean flare. Some of the city’s cultural highlights include, the Ethnological Museum set within Haile Selassie’s former palace, the ‘Red Terror’ Martyrs Memorial Museum and St. George Cathedral and Museum.

Many of Ethiopia’s ancient sites and cities are in the north of the country, so visiting all of them won’t be a challenge. The monasteries of Bahir Dar, the revered churches and stone cut tombs of Aksum, the medieval castles of Gondar and the magnificent churches of Lalibela offer thousands of years of history and religious significance for those travellers who enjoy a quest for knowledge.

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