Things to do in Arles :

Musee de L'arles Antique (Ancient History Museum)
The extant Roman remains of Arles can be seen. Musee de L'arles Antique is heartily recommend for those interested in the development of the Roman colonies.

Amphitheatre (Roman Arena)
Arriving in Arles by train or bus, one of the first sights you will happen to come across once through the Porte de la Cavalerie is the Amphitheatre. The history of the amphitheatre is probably the most interesting thing about it. Roman Arles was already a bustling and thriving provincial city with a theatre for entertainment before the arena was added around 90AD. This new amphitheatre hosted free spectacles for up to 20,000 sponsored by local worthies.

Centre dArt Presence Van Gogh
This is a find for Van Gogh fans that isn't mentioned in many guide books. The museum is located a few blocks off the main square in a beautiful 16th century mansion, once the court of the Prince of Monaco, in the same neighborhood as Nostradamus house and museum. Colored images of Van Gogh's paintings appeared one by one on a screen set into a niche in the wall.

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