Cagnes Sur Mer

Even though well adapted to modern living, this seaside resort still has the atmosphere of the leisurely, friendly, every day life of these history charged villages of the Cote D Azur.

Haut de Cagnes (the old city at the top) is a medieval quarter full of tiny streets, stairs, little restaurants and old houses that gradually descend down and blend with the modern lower city.

Cagnes is also a city of artists, with such painters as Ziem, Derain, Cezanne, Renoir, and Modigliani who all helped to make this city famous.

Cagnes is a fishing village and a seaside resort. Strolling about the old fishing port af Cros de Cagnes is a must, and while youΆre there you will surely be tempted by some grilled fish or to try the local specialty of Poutine.

Beach lovers and sun worshippers will be gratified by all the water sports available.

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