Fréjus is a large, sprawling town with some famous Roman ruins. It's also a very popular summertime tourist town, although the center of town is a couple of km from the beaches, which are 2 km long and 100m wide of fine sand, between Fréjus and St. Raphaël.

The center of town is compact, with lots of shops, pedestrian streets and, in the summer and lots of people. The Cathedral, in the very center, is built of lovely old stone and is set in a pretty square. The area around Fréjus is very built-up, and not good for hiking directly from town. The Estérel Mountains (Massif de l'Estérel), stretching along the coast between Fréjus and the outskirts of Cannes, are full of good hiking trails, including the GR51 (Balcony of the Cote D Azur). The nearest trail in the Estérel begins at the Oratoir de Guérin, about 5 km northeast of the town center.

About 5 km to the southwest the Massif des Maures begins, the forested hills stretching out 50km towards Hyères and Toulon. The Maures are full of excellent hiking trails.

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