L Etang La Villa

l'Etang-la-Ville is a small village of only 4,500 inhabitants, situated in the most priviledged suburbs of Paris, right next to Paris, on the West side, an area once chosen by King Louis XIV to build his palace in Versailles, which was then the capital of France, and another castle in Marly-le-Roi, next to l'Etang-la-ville, as a place of retreat.

The air is so pure and the atmosphere so peaceful in l'Etang-la-ville, that you would never think you were this close to civilization, or actually at the heart of it. Somehow, l'Etang-la-Ville has managed to remain the same quiet and beautiful village that inspired almost every impressionist and post-impressionist artists in the late 1890s, like Vuillard and Bonnard, who chose lΆEtang-la-Ville as their home, and even made lΆEtang la Ville the home of the post-impressionist art movement known as Les Nabis. At the turn of the 20th century, Art Nouveau replaced impressionism and post impressionism. It was the first art movement to incorporate architecture. l'Etang-la-Ville still hosts a few Art Nouveau houses, rare gems which have survived the 20th century.

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