Valmeinier sits nestled between the Vanoise and Ecrins National Parks in the stunning Maurienne Valley, benefiting from the sunshine of the Southern Alps and the snow from the Northern Alps. The semi-pedestrian resort centre hugs the side of the piste, meaning you're never far from the slopes. The ski area offers 150 km of marked pistes with a great variety for all abilities of skier or snowboarder and its convenience makes it a great choice for families.

The nightlife in Valmeinier is very cozy and has a wide range of lively bars and a nightclub. The sunny slopes are the terraces of restaurants during the height-day always very popular. In addition to these bars and many restaurants there are also 3 cinemas in Valmeinier.

Valloire (and the connected Valmeinier) is a great place for a snowboarders holiday, with 1 halfpipe, 2 quarterpipes and a wonderful fun park for boarders, this is the place to be.

Hoppa offers an easy way for you and your friends to get around.

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