Gambia is the small sliver of a country within Senegal that many travellers often overlook while they visit West Africa. Despite its marginal size, Gambia makes a fascinating stopover for travellers wanting to invest a few days exploring the country’s natural and cultural treasures. A holiday in Gambia is a chance to experience an exciting African country, without spending days travelling from one attraction to the next.

 The capital of Bajul is not the most aesthetically pleasing of cities with sewage piled in the streets. Foreigners also tend to find the capital overwhelming, as hustlers constantly try to capitalise on naïve tourists. One highlight is the Gambia National Museum, which details the country’s history, from ancient artefacts, through the colonial period to post-Independence. If you’re feeling brave, take a trip to Albert Market, a frenzied outdoor marketplace where you can expect to be the target of many eager salesmen. If you grow weary of all the unwanted attention in Banjul, the towns of Serekunda and Senegambia are close by. Both offer a nice selection of hotels, wildlife parks and beaches all within reach. From here you can conveniently take day trips to: the Bijilo Forest Park, a lovely backdrop for a nature walk where you are likely to spot colourful birds and the green vervet monkey; the Abuko nature Reserve, home to monitor lizards and another good hiking locale; and the Kachically Crocodile Pool, where you can get up close and personal with Nile crocodiles. Head west and the narrow strip of Atlantic coastline offers a number of quality hotels and resorts with their own private beaches and great surf.

The Gambia River flows through the centre of the country and is the lifeblood for the diverse ecosystems that surround it. You can find an abundance of wildlife in the Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve and the Kiang West National Park, including exotic birds, monkeys and hippos.

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