Cradled by the Caucuses and bounded by the Black Sea is Georgia, one of the regions best kept secrets. Slowly but surely, word is getting out that this little country has a whole lot going on. More and more visitors are lifting the veil and discovering the country’s many natural and cultural gems that make a holiday here worth its weight in Lari. Georgia’s role as an interface between Eastern Europe and Asia has not only enriched the country’s heritage but has also created an exciting space for future progress and development. The capital of Tbilisi retains a distinct Eurasian atmosphere, while some parts of the city might feel a bit out dated there is a vibrant undercurrent as the 21st century takes hold. Modern facilities and striking high-rise buildings are being thrown up everyday. Two very interesting and well-curated museums in Tbilisi are; the Museum of Georgia and the Stalin Museum. As the city (and the country) transform and begins to resemble its western counterparts, visitors will appreciate that their money goes far. Food and drink a still relatively inexpensive but as always, you get what you pay for. When you travel to the mountain and seaside resorts you can expect to pay more for the pleasure, style and comfort of they provide.

Throughout the country you will be blown away by the impressive mountain scenery and ample opportunities to hike and bike in the summer and ski during the winter. The Tusheti National Park rests on the northern slope of the Caucasian Mountains. Steep gorges, grassy hillsides and rocky peaks make the area a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Mount Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe, also attracts professional climbers to tackle its snow-capped summit. Many rural villages such as Ushguli, speckle the landscape where traditional life continues as it has for generations.  Other noteworthy destinations to stumble upon are: Mtskheta, the oldest city in Georgia only twenty kilometres north of Tbilisi; the Gelati Monastery that once served as the seat of culture and education; and Mestia, another area that’s seen a surge of development to attract tourism. Mestia offers a variety of chic hotels and a shiny new ski lodges to enjoy. Stretched along the Black Sea is the city of Batumi. It has been called the “new Cote D’Azure of Europe.” Fine hotels, a picturesque beach and plenty of leisure activities attract both the young and old to relax and socialise in this charming coastal city.

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