Avithos is a rural area where olive trees and citrus orchards abound. The long sandy beaches of Avithos and Megalipetra are divided by a rocky outcrop, with the whole coastline facing the tiny island of Dias with views over to Zakynthos on a clear day.

The area of Avithos and the village of Svoronata nearby is perfect for nature lovers who enjoy walking in the countryside and discovering the wealth of herbs, flowers and birds to be found in this area. Along the isolated pathways not far from the sea the dense shrubs with their silver green needles will arrest your senses with the aroma of rosemary. In the dry and stony areas you can find thyme or St JohnΆs Wort, depending on the season. Take your binoculars for quiet observation of the variety of birds to be found here; apart from the blackbirds which are a common sight, you should also see the golden oriole which is bigger with a brilliant yellow body, black wings and tail. There are orchards and olive groves amid the pine trees which offer shade for early morning or evening walkers.

For beach lovers, the sea at Avithos and Megalipetra is shallow and the beaches are generally uncrowded making it a safe haven for children. At Avithos Beach there is a family run taverna by the beach which opens for the summer and in high season a small cantina parks on the beach serving drinks and is open into the night with another taverna near by.

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