Garitsa Bay

Garitsa Bay is one of the most majestic beauty spots in Greece, where you’ll find a beautiful clear, glistening blue sea, stretching out for miles and ideal for boat watching. Being constantly sheltered from the winds, Garitsa Bay is a gathering point for exclusive yachts and has become a favourite spot for locals of the area as well. The bay is perfect for rod fishing, and the town of Garitsa has an impressive collection of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine in spectacular surroundings.

Not just for relaxation, the town also has a variety of popular nightlife spots. Once you have taken in the awe inspiring views, taken a horse drawn carriage along the bay, enjoyed a wonderful meal in Garitsa Bay and are feeling entirely relaxed, a brief walk into town will bring you a plethora of night clubs, bars and live music venues.

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