Arrive happy with Heraklion rides & airport transfers.

If you’re holidaying in Crete soon and still need to arrange your Heraklion Airport transfers, hoppa has transport to your accommodation covered.

Our transfer providers offer an easy, no-fuss service, plus they take care of your trip back to the airport at the end of your holiday, too. So, with your transfers taken care of, all you’ll need to do is relax and enjoy your trip to this stunning Greek island.

Booking your Heraklion Airport transfers

To book, tell us your holiday details in the search bar at the top of this page. You’ll then be given a choice of shuttle buses and private vehicles that are available for your holiday.  

Private vehicle or shuttle bus?

Not sure how you want to travel? Here’s a look at what benefits both transport types offer:

Private vehicles

  • You will meet your driver at the scheduled pick-up time listed on the e-ticket (see more information on the e-ticket below)
  • Your group will set off from the airport as soon as you meet your driver
  • You will be the only passengers in the vehicle
  • There will be no drop-off points along the way, and you will be taken directly to your accommodation

Shuttle buses

  • This journey will be shared with other passengers who aren’t in your group
  • It’s possible that you will have to wait for up to 45 minutes before you leave the airport. This is because your fellow passengers will be arriving on different flights to yours
  • As you travel along the route, the bus will stop at set drop-off points

How much will I pay for my Heraklion Airport transfers?

The prices you see listed next to the transport options available for your trip are what you’ll pay if you book at that moment. However, as these prices are live estimates that are based on the current currency rates, they are subject to change.

So, if you start looking for your transfers in Crete now and decide to return to your search at a later date, the prices could potentially change between your first and second search.  

I’ve chosen my transport

When you choose your shuttle bus or private vehicle transfer, you will arrive at the ‘Extras’ page. This features the ‘Anything we can help with?’ box, which is where you can tell us about what you need for your journey with us.

For example, if you will have a wheelchair with you or you’re in Crete on a golf trip and will need space for your clubs, let us know in this box. We’ll then choose the perfect vehicle to match your requirements.

How much luggage can I bring?

Both shuttle bus and private vehicle passengers are allowed to bring one piece of hand luggage and one suitcase each. If you think you’ll have more than this with you, choose a vehicle that can accommodate your additional bags before you book.

The e-ticket

We’ll send an e-ticket to the email address you give us when you complete your booking. This is confirmation that you’ve arranged your transfers with us, as well as a key document detailing where to meet your driver.

We recommend printing off your e-ticket before you fly so that you can easily present it to your driver as proof of your booking for both your inbound and outbound transfers.

Where shall I go when I land in Crete?

There are instructions for locating your driver listed in the ‘Find my pick-up’ section of the e-ticket.

Joining directions can depend on the transport provider and the type of transport selected. Some instructions for those flying into Heraklion Airport direct passengers to the arrivals hall, where a travel representative will be waiting and holding a sign displaying ’hoppa’ or the passenger’s name. Others instruct passengers to head to the travel partner’s desk in the arrivals hall.   

If you can’t see any information in the ‘Find my pick-up’ section, call the number on your e-ticket and we’ll give you some directions.

What if I can’t find my driver?

Call the number on your e-ticket if you reach the pick-up point at the scheduled time and can’t see your driver. We’ll let you know how long they will be.

What if I’m delayed?

If you think you won’t make your scheduled pick-up time because your flight’s delayed or your bags are still to be unloaded from the plane, let us know as soon as possible by calling the number on your e-ticket. Your driver will wait for you for up to 45 minutes but even if your delay falls within this time, give us a call so we start planning for your replacement driver.

If you’re delayed for more than 45 minutes, we will send an alternative driver to you. For delays of over three hours, you’ll have to rearrange your transfers with us.  

What’s available at Heraklion Airport?

Serving passengers flying into the Greek island of Crete since 1939, Heraklion Airport is now the second busiest airport in Greece. In 2018, eight million passengers flew to and from this airport located in the island’s capital, revealing just how popular the island is with visitors.  

There is plenty on offer for the millions of passengers here, with a choice of two lounges and free Wi-Fi available, as well as Duty Free and a selection of eateries.

Heraklion Airport transfer times

Here’s a helpful guide to transfer times to some of the most popular resorts in Crete:




25 mins


25 mins


30 mins


25 mins


25 mins


60 mins

Going home

If you have booked a return Heraklion Airport transfer, the journey back depends on your chosen transfer transport:

Private vehicle passengers

  • You will be picked up from your accommodation at the time given on your e-ticket
  • If you have opted in to receive SMS messages from us, we’ll text you your pick-up details as an added reminder
  • Aim to be ready 15 minutes before your pick-up time
  • Have your e-ticket ready to show to the driver

Shuttle bus passengers

  • You will be able to check your pick-up details online in the ‘My Bookings’ section 24 hours before your flight
  • We’ll also send you a text the day before your flight if you’ve chosen to receive SMS messages from us
  • We recommend you get to your pick-up point 10 minutes before your bus arrives and have your e-ticket ready for inspection

Whichever type of transport you’ve chosen for your Heraklion Airport transfers, you’ll need to call the emergency number on your e-ticket for an update if your driver doesn’t arrive at the scheduled pick-up time.