Kefalonia, also spelled Cephalonia, is the largest and most popular island in the Ionian Sea. Kefalonia is an absolutely breath-taking getaway for couples, families and singles. Visitors will fall in love with the idyllic beaches, warm, Grecian hospitality and stunning natural features scattered around the island.

The capital city of Argostoli is a lively hub of tourism and commercial activity. Argostoli houses enlightening museums and historical landmarks that showcase Kefalonia’s rich and diverse past including: the Archaeological Museum, full of Mycenaean artefacts, the Korgialeneio Library and the Folklore and History Museum.

The Koutavos Lagoon is a scenic spot to walk or bike to at the head of Argostoli Bay. The charming park now serves as a protected nature reserve for local wildlife.

The attractive beaches ringing Kefalonia are the leading lure for visitors wanting to experience their picturesque perfection. Because Kefalonia has such extensive stretches of spectacular shoreline, they never become overcrowded. Every visitor will feel like they are on their own exclusive beach holiday. Myrtos beach has gained world-wide attention due its awe-inspiring scenery composed of, white rocky cliffs topped with lush green vegetation that abruptly drop into the crystal blue waters.  Visitors will appreciate the amenities such as beach umbrellas, comfortable sundecks and snack bars offering tasty treats. Further down and the beach is completely untouched, leaving it as nature intended. Along the western coast of Myrtos is the ideal spot to admire the sunset. Other pretty beaches to enjoy are: Petani, Antisamos, Makris and Xi beach.

Discover the abundance of natural features of Kefaloni. You can hike through the Enos Forest that covers the mountains where Mount Ainos is the highest peak. Hire a boat tour through the dazzling underground lake and caverns of Melissani Lake. Take a dark but remarkable tour though the mesmerising Drogarati caves. Hike, bike, dive and sail your way around the natural splendours of Kefalonia for the ultimate outdoor holiday.

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