Depart the routines of daily life during a sun-drenched holiday on the gorgeous Greek island of Kos.  Travel to Kos by air or sea and you will discover this island offers guests the best of Greece in a neat, compact package. Step back through the ages as you visit one of the many Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine ruins.  The capital is the port city of Kos town. It is a romantic blend of the old town, which was left untouched by the 1933 earthquake, and modern streets, with cosmopolitan cafes and pretty parks bursting with flowers and lush greenery. The networks of bicycle paths make the town easily accessible by bike, which visitors can rent for a low daily rate.

Since Kos is known as the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, visiting historical sites associated with his legacy is a must.

The Tree of Hippocrates, located in the centre of Kos town, is where Hippocrates taught the art of medicine to his devoted students. The Asklepeion is the renowned healing centre where it is said Hippocrates received medical training.

Visiting the ancient Agora and the 14th century Castle of the Knights is also worthwhile.

For an exciting day out on the water you can charter a yacht, catamaran or speedboat from the Kos marina. Discover the neighbouring islands, swim, snorkel and relax out on the cobalt waters of the Aegean Sea. Depending on the season, visitors may also take advantage of the many ferries leaving Kos town for the surrounding islands as wells as the Turkish coastal town of Bodrum.

For a breath of fresh air, escape the bustling city and head up the slopes of the Dikeos mountain range. Spend the day touring the quaint rural villages of Zipari, Zia and Pyli along the winding roads. Here you will find medieval remnants, wonderful spots to admire the panoramic coastal views, hearty traditional cuisine and enticing taverns to stop in for a cool, refreshing drink on a hot day.

No holiday to Kos would be complete without heading to the southern part of the island to revel and relax on one of the islands twenty-one stunning beaches.  It is here you will find the most popular tourist beaches such as: Kardamena, Kefalos and Agios Stefanos. Sunbathe on the golden sand, snorkel in the clear waters or try your hand at windsurfing. There is no wrong way to enjoy the scenic beauty of these striking beaches. When the sun goes down you will find the fun is only just beginning. Both the beach towns and the capital provide a thriving nightlife for holidaymakers to enjoy.

Kos International Airport (Hippocrates International Airport) is centrally located near the village of Antimachia. During the summer the airport reaches capacity as it welcomes numerous chartered flights from all over Europe. By pre-booking your Kos airport transfer with hoppa, you will skip the taxi queues and dive straight into holiday mode from the moment you touchdown. Whether you are travelling solo or with the whole family, we have a variety of money saving transport options to get you from Kos airport to your amazing holiday destination without a care in the world.