Liapades Village Entrance

Liapades is a beautiful Greek village on the Ionian island of Corfu. Savvy travellers have discovered the delights of Liapades Village in recent years, but this tiny town remains unspoiled by tourism. Most of the 1000 residents of this stunning village work in the fishing, farming and wine making industries, making this idyllic destination the perfect place to experience the traditional, laid-back lifestyle of Greece.

Holidaymakers are treated to a warm welcome and old fashioned Greek hospitality in Liapades. Around the stunning bay there are a host of tavernas and cafés where you can try out some delicious Corfu cuisine, drink the delicious regional wine and get to know the friendly locals. There are plenty of walkways through the lush natural scenery which are perfect for gorgeous strolls in the sunshine. For some great sightseeing, take a walk through the winding streets of the rustic village, which has retained its traditional charm over the years.

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