Loutraki is a seaside town located 4 km NE of Corinth in the Prefecture of Corinthia, Greece. Loutraki is the seat of the municipality Loutraki-Perachora. It is largely a tourist town, and is well-known in Greece for its vast natural springs. The name itself, Loutraki, derives from the Greek word for Spring. Within Greece, Loutraki is also famous for its spring water, which is bottled and sold widely.
In 1847, an announcement in Italy asserting the therapeutic benefits of bathing in the natural thermal spas found in Loutraki caused an influx of settlers in the surrounding areas, thereby creating modern Loutraki. A large park was created by reclaiming sea area using the rubble of the fallen houses.
The mountains dominate the north, northeast and further southeast. A monastery named Osios Patapios is located about 10 km NW of Loutraki on Geraneia mountain, offering great view of the Isthmos area and the Gulf of Corinth.
Loutraki is well known for its Casino (Club Hotel Casino Loutraki), one of the biggest in Europe. The town has primary schools, lyceums, gymnasia, churches, banks, plenty of hotels and spa facilities. It is connected to Athens and Corinth by bus and train.
The region of Loutraki-Perachora is also famous for the Heraion of Perachora (sanctuary of the goddess Hera), an archaeological site of great significance located at the end of the Perachora peninsula and for the picturesque Vouliagmeni lake.

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