Myrina is a municipality on the island of Lemnos, in the Lesbos Prefecture, Greece. It covers the west coast of the island. The town is the capital of the sub-prefecture of Lemnos, as well as the seat of the Metropolitan (Greek Orthodox bishop) of Lemnos. In addition to the town of Myrina, the municipality includes the villages of Káspakas, Platý, Thános, and Kornós. The municipality's total population is 7,488 (2001 census).

According to Herodotus, when the Chersonese on the Hellespont came under Athens rule, Miltiades the son of Cimon came from Elaeus on the Chersonese to Lemnos where he proclaimed the Pelasgians must submit. The Hephaestians obeyed, giving up their city Hefaestia, but the Myrinaeans from the city Myrina would not be as easily pursued until they too submitted to Athens, thus given control of the island to Miltiades and the Athenians.

The archaeological museum displays numerous exhibits from the island's remote past. With its clean, long, and sandy beaches, and its own Castle to boot, Myrina is a tourist attraction.

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