Pelekas (Kontogialos)

This sunny piece of paradise is considered to have some of the best beaches in the whole of Corfu. Pelekas Kontogialos offers golden beaches, warm weather and bright blue sea, making it the perfect holiday destination for anyone, including families, couples and younger visitors travelling alone.

There’s plenty to do in the beach area, including sunbathing, snorkelling, canoeing, and lot of other activities too. There are lots of hiking trails for keen walkers to try, including the 220km Corfu Trail around the island which takes ten days to complete and is not recommended for amateurs. Also nearby is the Corfu Costume Museum, where you can learn about Greece and Corfu’s cultural and historical heritage as demonstrated through costume. It’s widely considered to be a hidden gem of Pelekas, and is ideal for the whole family.

During the evening guests can try a wide variety of food in Pelekas Kontogialos, with deliciously fresh traditional Greek dishes in the restaurants and tavernas that surround the area. After dinner, the hotels of Pelekas Kontogialos provide entertainment throughout the night.

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