Perithia is really two places – the ruins of Old Perithia, a tourist attraction in its own right, and the modern village of New Perithia. The latter contains tavernas, ice cream parlours, and all the amenities you need for a relaxing holiday in the sunny islands of Greece.

Because of its status as a semi-abandoned village, Old Perithia became very attractive to adventurers who liked the idea of visiting the remains, and so a small community catering to the tourists sprung up.  Old Perithia soon became popular, offering visitors the opportunity to take a step back in time. Old Perithia now contains a few B&Bs for visitors to stay at whilst they take in the beauty of the surrounding ruins. Here you’ll find traditional Greek as well as international food choices, with excellent service and friendly local staff who will cater to your every need.

It’s not hard to see what draws people to Old Perithia. The village dates back to the 14th Century and was once a place of wealth, commerce and religion, now housing the remains of eight churches. It’s considered an excellent place to get a feel of ancient history, and explore an almost - but not quite - forgotten part of Greece.

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