Saronida is a village and a community in Attica, Greece, 45 km from Athens city center on the 4-land Athens Sounion Road (GR-91. You can visit either by urban bus service installed in 2004) or suburban bus service on its way to Sounion. It is mainly a summer residential area with plenty of amenities, restaurants, bars and market. Saronidas main beach is one of the most clear beaches of Attica. Saronida is located approximately 45 km SE of Athens, S of the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport and the Attiki Odos (numbers 6 and 62), NW of Cape Sounio and south of the Hymettus Ring.

The residential area are within the Saronic coastline as well as up to the mountains are mainly in grid with a mixture of small, second homes and luxury homes or low and middle density homes with swimming pools and backyards. The road linking to Anavyssos runs through the residential area and near the mountains and accesses with Konstantinou Karamanli Street linking to Kalyvia Thorikou.

The mountains cover the eastern part of the municipality consisting of rocks and grasslands, forests lie to the south along with a small hill that are filled with pine trees, farmlands now cover the north and used to dominate the central part, the rest of the area are covered residential buildings. Tourism and businesses are the most popular industry in Palaia Fokaia after shifting from rural in the 1980s. Later, Palaia Fokaia became part of the Athens Metropolitan Area. A fraction of the population are still rural.

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