Arrive happy with Thessaloniki rides & airport transfers.

Considered the main airport in northern Greece, Thessaloniki Airport (formerly known as Mikra Airport) is your gateway to the incredible resorts in the area. With so many visitors to these places each year, make sure you escape the queues and pre-book your Thessaloniki Airport taxi transfers with hoppa before you travel.

Handling over five million passengers a year, the airport acts as the primary entryway to Greece’s second city Thessaloniki, which has plenty of history to its name. After arriving, why not head to the White Tower – a 15th-century piece of architecture that has been magnificently preserved – or venture into the city centre, where you’ll find plenty of shopping and dining outlets. And after taking in as much of Thessaloniki as you can, hit the road to explore other local areas including Gerakini, Afytos and the picturesque Nea Moudania.

Sun, sand, and city adventure awaits when you touch down in Thessaloniki. The easiest way to get to your holiday destination of choice is through hoppa’s cheap transfers from Thessaloniki Airport, so make sure you book today.

Booking your Thessaloniki Airport transfer

Securing your transfer from Thessaloniki Airport with hoppa is beautifully simple – all you need to do is enter your travel details in the boxes at the top of this page and hit ‘Search’. Once that’s done, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll need to choose between a private or shared shuttle bus transfer.

Private or shared transfer?

If you’re undecided over which type of transfer to book, here’s an idea of what’s on offer:

Shuttle bus

  • This is a cost-efficient transfer option.
  • There may be some waiting time once you arrive at the airport, as you’ll be sharing the bus with other passengers, whose flights may land after yours.
  • That also means that there’ll be drop-off points along the way, and your accommodation may not be the first port of call.

Private vehicle

  • You and your travelling party will be the only passengers on board.
  • You’ll be given a pick-up time, which is listed on your e-ticket. This is the point at which you’ll be due to meet the driver of your transfer from Thessaloniki Airport.
  • You’ll be taken directly to your vehicle from the airport and driven straight to your accommodation without any drop-off points along the way.

How much do Thessaloniki Airport taxi transfers cost?

Here at hoppa, we’re committed to providing cheap transfers from Thessaloniki Airport. We’ll give you a price once you’ve entered your travel details and hit ‘Search’ at the top of this page.

These costs are live valuations, however, which vary depending on currency rates and resort pricing, so please be aware that if you leave your search and come back to it later, the quoted amount may have altered slightly.

I’ve chosen my transport…now what?

Once you’ve decided between private and shared shuttle bus for your Thessaloniki Airport transfer, you’ll find yourself on the ‘Extras’ section of the process. This is where we’ll provide you with information regarding baggage – our typical allowance is one suitcase and one carry-on item per person. Here, you’ll also be able to add on any extra pieces of luggage you may have, including wheelchairs, golf clubs or bicycles.

What about the e-ticket?

Once you’ve booked your Thessaloniki Airport taxi transfers, you’ll receive an e-ticket in your email inbox. Please keep this document safe as it contains important information including details on your pick-up arrangements as well any contact numbers you might need.

We recommend familiarising yourself with the e-ticket fully before you travel. It could also be worth printing it off and keeping it in your hand luggage. That way, you’ll have it to hand when you touch down and even if your hold baggage gets delayed or mislaid, you’ll always have a copy on you.

Where should I go when I land?

If you check the ‘Find my pick-up’ section of your e-ticket once you touch down, you should find instructions about where to go to catch your Thessaloniki Airport transfer.

Please note that these may vary depending on your transport provider or the type of transfer you’ve booked, but most people arriving into Thessaloniki are asked to go to the arrivals hall. Here your travel representative will be waiting with a sign bearing either your name or hoppa.

Please read your instructions carefully. If you can’t see any information on your e-ticket regarding pick-up for your transfer from Thessaloniki Airport, give us a call on the number provided and we’ll be able to help you.

What if I can’t find my driver?

Unfortunately, traffic jams sometimes cause our drivers to be late. But there’s no need to panic – if your driver is delayed in arriving at the pre-agreed meeting point, simply ring us on the number on your e-ticket and we’ll give you an update on their progress.

What if it’s me who’s late?

We understand that sometimes flights get delayed or your bags take their time coming off the carousel. But that’s ok, don’t worry. If you think you’re going to be late to meet the driver of your Thessaloniki Airport transfer, give us a call to let us know and we’ll pass the message along.

Your driver will wait for up to 45 minutes after the initial pick-up time or, if you’re going to be longer than that, we’ll send out a new driver. However, if your delay is going to be more than three hours, you’ll have to rearrange your Thessaloniki Airport taxi transfers with us and contact your travel insurer.

What is there to do at Thessaloniki Airport?

Want to relax in style before your flight? Thessaloniki Airport has the perfect solution with its Aegean and Manolis Andronikos lounges. Comfortably air conditioned with lockers for your personal items as well as offering Wi-Fi and iPads, the time before you board will pass by in a flash. Or, if shopping and eating is more your thing, the airport boasts a range of stores, bars and restaurants to keep you satisfied.

Airport transfers from Thessaloniki to Greece destinations

Here’s a rough guide of how long your transfer should take to some of the more popular resorts:




80 mins  


60 mins  


75 mins  


60 mins


60 mins

Returning home

Unfortunately, all holidays must come to an end, but at least your return Thessaloniki Airport transfer will be stress-free thanks to hoppa. The particulars of your transport will vary, depending on whether you’ve booked a private or shared vehicle.

Private vehicle

  • You’ll be picked up at your accommodation at the time listed on your e-ticket.
  • We advise opting to receive our SMS alerts ahead of your trip, as it’s a simple way of getting a reminder on the timing of your return journey.
  • It’s worth being ready 15 minutes before the agreed departure time, with your e-ticket ready to show to the driver as confirmation of your booking.

Shuttle bus

  • Your pick-up time will be accessible online 24 hours before you leave.
  • If you’ve chosen to receive SMS updates, we’ll send through a message to remind you the day prior to your flight home.
  • We recommend reaching your pick-up point around 15 minutes before you are due to leave to ensure a prompt departure to the airport.

Whether you’ve booked a private or shared vehicle for your Thessaloniki Airport transfer, if your driver does not arrive at the agreed pick-up point on time, please call the emergency number on your e-ticket for more information.