Zante-Zakinthos is a lush Greek island located in the warm, turquoise Ionian Sea, west from mainland Greece. Once nicknamed by the Venetians as 'The Flower of the East', you will find that this unusually green and fruitful island is toasty and sunny in the summer, whilst cool and rainy in the winter. 

You'll not be short of gorgeous places to visit on the island; whether you fancy a relaxing trip to the island's beautiful sandy beaches or a wander around the crisscrossed paths of the island. Zante's beaches are plentiful, particularly at Laganas, the main resort of the island, where there are many long, white beaches with sun-beds and a great range of water sports, for those of you who love a thrill. Or you can take a nice dip in the warm, clear waters of the Ionian Sea to cool you down on those hot summer afternoons. 

Take a day to capture the hidden gems of Zante-Zakinthos, such as the small, must-see blue lagoon known as Navajo “Shipwreck” Bay, or the stunning Blue Caves found cut into the stone cliff faces, accessible only by small boat trips. As turtles are the main sea life of the island, go to the heaven-on-earth Marathonissi Islet, better known as “Turtle Island”, which contains tropical vegetation, turquoise waters, white beaches and caves, and turtles!

Venture to the centre of the island and its rich history, with a peek into the Ancient World, by visiting the multitude of historical or art museums to see the Ionian and Venetian influence on Zante's modern culture. Lose yourself around the narrow streets of the island's charming classical towns, and find the orthodox and catholic churches dotted within the gorgeous Greek architecture, especially the idyllic Cathedral of Saint Dionysus. 

Zante-Zakinthos provides you with a taste of typical Greek food, especially traditional Ionian cuisine. You will find there are a number of specialities for you to keep an eye out for, including Boutridia, a vegetable stew made with aubergine and potatoes, and the tasty dessert, Frigania, which is a traditional syrupy dessert to tickle your fancy. 

Zante is also famous for its nightclubs and bars - namely Laganas, where you'll find the main tourist strip - so take the time to let down your hair and party the night away. 

Have you been to Zante-Zakynthos recently? What are the must-do experiences that you'd suggest? Do you have tips on how to stretch that holiday budget a bit further or know of a hidden-gem that’s easy to miss?

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