Causeway Bay

As one of the most diverse cities in the world, Hong Kong has an almost unlimited number of sights and sounds to take in. From the breath-taking natural scenery dotted around the city’s islands to the modern air-conditioned paradise of its many shopping centres, Hong Kong is a sight to behold, and no one street looks the same. Nowhere is this amazing contrast better exemplified than the area of Causeway Bay. Quintessentially Chinese whilst also being unmistakably international, Causeway Bay is the perfect place to choose your home-base when exploring the ‘capital of Asia’. 
If retail therapy is the order of the day, Causeway Bay is a large dose indeed. Consumerism looms large on the surrounding streets and there is a shop to satisfy your every need and urge, even ones you didn’t know you had. Though the streets may seem relatively narrow and a little cramped, the word diminutive is perhaps a better way to describe them, because despite being small in stature they are positively packed with goodies and personality. From huge sites like the SOGO department store and the Island Beverly Centre to more bespoke shops found in Times Square and Fashion Walk, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 
And that’s just the clothes on offer! Dotted among this intense selection of fashion retail there are a number of other outlets to pique your interest. There are electronic shops where you can pick up the latest gadgets, cosmetic shops where you can trial all the latest treatments and products as well as home accessory stores to find that perfect souvenir to brighten up your living room. Travel around the many different vibrant shopping areas of Causeway Bay using the historic ding-ding tramway.
Alongside all these amazing stores, there are also a number of enticing places to eat and drink. From well-known chains and high-end restaurants usually frequented by Hong Kong’s elite, to undiscovered independent street food vendors and cheap-as-chips dim sum venues, the gastronomy here defies definition and there is a huge array of contrasting cuisines to choose from. If you’re in the mood for a spicy dish then try some Hunan or Sichuan fare. For something sweeter opt for popular Cantonese. In the unlikely event that you need a break from Chinese food altogether, rest assured there are a number of different international options such as Thai, Italian and Mexican on offer too. 


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