Hong Kong Island

The heart of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Island is located in the south of the country. The second largest island of Hong Kong, it is considered a very diverse area. Whilst the north of Hong Kong Island is seen as the urban hub of Hong Kong, there are various mountain ranges located within the island. Not only this but also fishing villages which are home to generations of fishermen.

With eighty square kilometres of land, the island is split into several districts. These districts are Wan Chai, Eastern, Southern and Central and Western to name but a few. The district of Wan Chai offers a juxtaposed look at Hong Kong life; modern and sleek architecture contrasted with older residential areas and buildings. Southern district is essentially Hong Kong's seaside; sandy beaches adorned with palm trees where the locals of Hong Kong flock in the summer and on warm weekends. Causeway Bay is a more dynamic district with it being home to numerous shopping malls and with its own Times Square that can be closely compared to New York's Time Square. One of the main attractions in Causeway Bay is the vertical shopping mall, a shopping centre that is spread over nine stories.

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