Western District

Western District is located to the west of Central and is the area least influenced by Western culture. The Central Market is a good place to start exploring the Western District. One will find, across the market, a branch of one of the most popular emporiums that sell Chinese products, the CRC Department Store. Consisting of six floors, the store vends all kinds of inexpensive Chinese artifacts and clothing, as well as dearer items like ginseng roots and painted snuff bottles. These products are manufactured by cheap labor across the mainland border.

The Central and Western District located on northern part of Hong Kong Island is one of the 18 administrative districts of Hong Kong. It had a population of 261,884 in 2001. The district has the most educated residents with the second highest income and the third lowest population due to its relatively small size.

Central is the central business district and the core urban area of Hong Kong. Western was part of the City of Victoria, one of the areas of early settlement in Hong Kong.

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