The Nine-Arch-Bridge near the village of Hortobágy is the longest vehicular stone bridge in the country. The almost 300 years old typical ΅ΆPusztaΆΆ restaurant Hortobágy Csárda offers original country dishes. The nearby Shepherd Museum shows the life of the shepherds, who lived out in the open, in winter and summer. The incomparable flora and fauna, the folk art and the tools used in the crafts that are characteristic of the Hungarian Puszta, are exhibited in the Hortobágy Körszín. Visitors can see grey cattle, buffaloes, goats and mangalica pigs in the Puszta Animal Park, in open-air folds and pens. The many faces of the Puszta are shown in the paintings of the Hortobágy Gallery.

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