Arrive happy with Keflavik rides & airport transfers.

A place where myths and mysticism abound and fire and ice compound. A country where mother nature rules the seas, skies and earth. From volcanoes to hot springs, geysers to glaciers, and of course the celestial Aurora Borealis, Iceland is a country like no other.

Perhaps you’re visiting the world’s most northerly capital of Reykjavik, with its colourful buildings, artisanal spirit and Viking heritage, or you’re venturing further afield to the Westfjords? It’s a place where magic seems possible as the sun rises over the seas, and mist gathers around the tumbling Dynjandi waterfalls. Perhaps you fancy a dip in the Blue Lagoon, or maybe you’re venturing to Iceland for a spot of whale watching? Whatever your reasons for travelling to this vast land, allow us to help you with your Reykjavik airport transfer.

Hoppa are here to provide you with a simple, hassle-free Keflavik airport transfer to your accommodation, ensuring your trip can get underway the moment you touch down at the international airport.

Booking your Reykjavik airport transfer with us

To book your Reykjavik airport transfer, let us know your travel details, including the date, time and destination of your journey, and we’ll give you a choice of options to choose from.

Your private Reykjavik airport transfer

A private Reykjavik airport transfer with hoppa is the swiftest and most direct option to get your trip started. The transfer will be for your party alone, with the driver taking you straight to your accommodation. Because your Reykjavik airport transfer is tailored for your journey, your pick-up time will correspond to your flight times. This means you’ll set off from the airport at a time set on your e-ticket, ensuring you won’t have to wait around long.

How much will a Reykjavik airport transfer cost?

When you complete your travel details for your Reykjavik airport transfer in the search box above, you’ll get a tailored price for each travel option available. It’s important to note that our prices are live and can change according to currency and provider rates.

However, once you book your airport transfer, your journey cost will remain frozen, regardless of any future fluctuations.

What are the next steps for booking a Reykjavik airport transfer?

Once you’ve chosen the best option for your transfer, you’ll be directed to our ‘Extras’ page. This is where you can tell us about any additional requirements you might have using the ‘Anything we can help with?’ box. It could be anything from needing wheelchair access or specific luggage requests – whatever you need, just let us know

Luggage allowance

We have an allowance of one piece of hand luggage and one suitcase per person. However, if you are travelling with additional baggage for any reason, just let us know as soon as possible, and we’ll do our utmost to accommodate you.


Once you’ve completed your reservation for your Reykjavik airport transfer, we’ll send you an e-ticket to the email address you provided. We recommend printing this off as well as having online access so you can present either copy for your driver should the other one be unavailable.

Your e-ticket also provides all the key travel details you’ll need, including pick-up times, where to meet your driver, and any other useful information. Remember to read it thoroughly to ensure all the details are correct.

What to do once you’ve arrived at Reykjavik-Kelflavik international airport

Once you’ve arrived at the airport, you’ll find on your e-ticket the ‘Find my pick-up’ section. Here, you’ll find the instructions you need to locate the driver of your Reykjavik-Keflavik airport transfer. Your meeting point and directions may differ depending on your choice of travel and the provider taking you, so make sure you spend time reading the information beforehand.

If you’re having trouble with anything, you’ll find an emergency number on the ticket. If you require any assistance regarding your Reykjavik airport transfer, call that number.

Finding your driver

The process for finding your driver should be straightforward. They will be holding a sign bearing the travel company’s name, your name or ”hoppa”. However, if you are having any difficulties locating your driver, just give us a call using the number provided on your e-ticket and we’ll help you find them.


Unfortunately, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can cause a delay with your flight. Should this be the case, our drivers will wait for a further 45 minutes past the collection time. If your delay is between 45 minutes and three hours, we will arrange a new driver to come for you. However, in the unlikely event of a delay lasting longer, we will need to rearrange your Reykjavik airport transfer and you must contact your travel insurer.

Regardless of how long you expect the delay to be, please let us know as soon as possible, so we are able to cater for your requirements and avoid any further stress to your travel.

What does Reykjavik-Keflavik airport have to offer?

Like any international transport hub, Reykjavik’s airport has plenty for travellers. Built in 1943 by the US military to help with war efforts, it is awash with history. You’ll find plenty of restaurants, bars and cafés serving both local and international cuisine, as well as fantastic shopping opportunities.

You will also notice impressive pieces of art showcased throughout, including light installations, video-art, and sculptures.

Journey times from Reykjavik international airport

Reykjavik’s international airport is situated 50km away from Reykjavik itself. The journey takes around 45 minutes and offers panoramic views out to sea. 

Your return journey

Following your trip to Iceland, we can happily help with your returning Reykjavik airport transfer. Using the same process as your outbound journey, you will receive an e-ticket with all the information you require.

With our private transfers, your driver will pick you up from your accommodation at the time specified on your e-ticket. And if you’ve signed up for texts, you’ll receive a reminder message from us too.

Please be ready at your meeting point at least 15 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time to avoid delays.