Dublin Airport Car Hire

The 12th busiest airport in Europe, Dublin Airport boasts an extensive network of short and medium haul services, and significant long-haul services. The airport is situated 7km north of the capital city.

Dublin is a city with a rich history. The literary heritage of the city is incredible, as is the phenomenal architecture and, of course, the pub life. There’s so much to explore and experience in the city. But the beautiful Irish coast and countryside also offer attractions such as hiking, cycling, and watersports for those who are more in tune with nature. 

How do I book Dublin Car Hire?

Once you know your flight details into Dublin, it’s easy to get started searching for the best car hire options available.

Just create your search in the bar at the top of the page - input your travel dates and select ‘search’. hoppa will pull all the options from our network of transport providers and show you a selection of vehicle types to suit your needs.

It is recommended that you book your car hire online and in advance. While it is possible that you’ll be able to hire a car without pre-booking, your options will likely be limited and your rates will be much higher.

What things should I consider when selecting my Dublin Car Hire?

Party size and amount of luggage are important factors in choosing a rental vehicle. If you’re travelling alone with few bags, you can opt for a smaller vehicle, but travelling with your entire family or other large group, and all of their things, you’ll need a bigger one.

Also important to consider is the fuel policy. A ‘full to full’ policy is most common, meaning that you receive the car with a full tank and are expected to return it with a full tank. However, other policies may be available and you will need to consider which best suits your needs.

Finally, airport pickup and drop-off is very convenient, but it isn’t cheap. Take your collection and return points into consideration, and decide whether the cash or the convenience takes top priority for you.