Milan Central Station is the main railway station of the Italian city of Milan and one of the main European railway stations. It is a railway terminus officially inaugurated in 1931 to replace the old (1864) central station, which was a transit station and could not handle the new traffic caused by the opening of the Simplon tunnel (1906). It connects to high speed lines to Bologna (and on to Rome) and Turin and conventional railways to Bologna, Turin, Venice, Genoa, Domodossola (for the Simplon and Bern), Chiasso (for the Gotthard and Zürich Hauptbahnhof) and Lecco.

The station has 24 tracks. Every day about 320,000 passengers pass through the station using about 500 trains, for an annual total of 120 million passengers. Trains connect to several European cites and many Italian long-distance and regional destinations.

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