Andalo is a comune (municipality) in the autonomous province of Trento in Italy, with some 1,040 inhabitants in 2007.

The town lies on the Paganella plateau, between the mountains Piz Galin (2,442 m) and Paganella (2,125 m) and its territory is part of the Adamello-Brenta natural park.

The village was founded during the Middle Age and used to be divided into 13 hamlets called “masi” (Bortolon, Cadin, Casanova, Clamer, Dos, Fovo, Ghezzi, Melchiori, Monech, Pegorar, Perli, Pont and Toscana); when the town expanded, they all merged together, but the old fragmentation is still noticeable.

During the second part of the 20th century the village became one of the most famous touristic resorts in Trentino, mainly due to its skiing facilities.

The villages economy used to be based on agriculture but this sector slowly lost its importance over the past decades. Tourism, both during summer and winter is the main economic factor in Andalo (as it is in the surrounding towns), mainly due to its position within the Dolomites.

As a result of tourism, Andalo is among the wealthiest towns in the province and in the country.

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