The idyllic Lake Garda is so beautiful that it could make any town that graces its shores look like paradise, but the resort of Bardolino doesn’t need any such help. Absolutely stunning on its own, the fact that this quaint town is adjacent to the shimmering water simply adds to its charm. It is thought to have been named after a Lombard princess, but these days the name Bardolino is more synonymous with the popular regional wine, which is grown in the surrounding hills.
Bardolino one of the most popular destinations around the lake and is located at the southern end, an area steeped in history and boasting traces of ancient Roman settlements. Nearby Cisano has evidence of an early fishing community and there are many interesting relics to see while visiting. 
The centre of Bardolino has a number of historically significant buildings which display a unique architectural style. The Romanesque church of San Severo on the main Gardesana Lake Road dates back to the 11th century and is a must-see for anyone visiting the area. You can get a feel for the whole resort from the style of this culturally rich building. Near the port, the church of Saint Nicolo é Severo is equally worth a visit, but was built much more recently in the mid19th century. There are also a number of old Scaliger fortifications which can be seen at various points around the old town centre.
Aside from the beautiful historic sites, there is also a wonderful modern side to Bardolino. The local vineyards are renowned for their hospitality and host several festivals throughout the year. Check with your accommodation hosts as a visit to enjoy some of this delectable wine is an opportunity not to be missed. You can also learn how olive oil is made, sample some of the different varieties and select your favourite to take home for creating authentic Italian dishes.
If exhilaration is more your thing, there are also two amusement parks in the area, Gardaland and Aqua Paradise. So regardless of your age or interests, there is plenty to entertain everyone in and around Bardolino!


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