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Eraclea is a town and comune in the province of Venice, Veneto, Italy. SP42 goes through it. Eraclea Mare is the Lido of Eraclea. It is located on the Adriatic Sea near the coast between the rivers Piave and Livenza and between two famous tourist towns: Caorle and Jesolo.

Eraclea Mare, one of the destinations of summer tourism on the Adriatic riviera, is together with Jesolo and Caorle one of the best known seaside resorts on the Venetian coast. A steady growth of foreign tourists, especially from Germany, has been recently recorded.

clea Mare is known for its pinewood and the Mort Lagoon (Italian: Laguna del Mort). The Mort Lagoon, an unusual natural formation, was caused by the overflowing of the Piave river in 1935, whose bed was modified in its last stretch after a large flood. The Lagoon stretches between the Eracleas Lido and the mouth of the Piave river and it is a sea-lagoon, being supplied with water only by the flood-tides. Still uncontaminated, the Mort is characterized by shallow and calm waters with a sandy and muddy seabed, rich in phytoplankton.

n 7 May 2009 Eraclea Mare was awarded the 3 Sails by the environmental NGO Legambiente. The city has been awarded the Blue Flag from the Foundation for Environmental Education every year from 2007-2009 for the cleanliness of its beaches and seawater.

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