Costa Rei

Costa Rei is located on Sardinia’s southern coast, approximately 50 kilometres from the capital city of Cagliari. This stretch of coast is renowned for its crystal clear water, golden sands and long beaches. It also has a lake system that forms a nature reserve for rare avian species. Costa Rei is bordered by the bays of Sant’Elmo to the south, and to the north by Capo Ferrato, a nature reserve where no construction is allowed. The beauty of Costa Rei’s captivating landscape is in every respect the equal of Costa Smeralda’s, for here coves and long sandy beaches abound, set off by rolling hills with intensely green Mediterranean vegetation and imposing granite cliffs.

Costa Rei is the ideal place for a relaxing beach holiday without the encumbrance of a car. Newspapers and magazines are within walking distance, as is the bakery with its fragrant fresh bread. Costa Rei’s long sandy beaches offer rest and relaxation of the highest order. For those who like their vacations more active, surfboards, scuba diving courses and rental motorboats are all readily available, while restaurants and shopping are only a stone’s throw away.

Night life on a summer evening in Costa Rei is anything but dull. Teenagers gather on the Piazzetta, children leap about on trampolines, ride the carousel or take paddleboat rides. Or you might just want to dine in a beachfront restaurant with a view of the sea and revel in the delights of Sardinian cuisine.

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