Cross-country skiers will find small, but very beautiful trails in Val Ferret just outside the town in the direction of the Mont Blanc Tunnel. A second possibility for cross-country skiers is in Dolonne, again just outside town, but in the other direction.

Summer action also revolves around the magnificent Mont Blanc. Besides being even more imposing in summer than it is in winter, the mountain is also more accessible due the absence of snow, and roads that are more available. The cross-country area at Val Ferret that we spoke of earlier becomes a pleasant hiking and sightseeing area, with a 9-hole golf course meandering alongside the river.

There is no way that this course could be described as one which would attract serious golfers to a golfing based holiday, but as a pleasant way to pass the day, or an evening after a days business, this is a cracker. If it is challenge that you are looking for you wont find it in the conventional meaning here, but when playing along those rough, narrow fairways and greens, it is challenge enough just to keep the ball out of the water. And imagine, all of this surrounded by the pulchritude of Mont Blanc and the beautiful valley in her shadow.

At this writing, we are not too sure if the summer skiing above Courmayeur is in operation. At last report it was not, and mores the pity. But never mind, even a sightseeing trip to the Funivie Monte Bianco is worth the effort. It is a thrilling ride to 4,000m and one of the most spectacular sights in the world.

Getting back to earth, Courmayeur has an abundance of land-based sports besides golf. Tennis, for one, horse back riding for another, super trekking possibilities, bungee jumping, canyoning, hydro speed (bobsledding on water), kayaking, canoeing, parachuting, mountain biking, and, for an exercise in peace and patience, you can try your hand at trout fishing in the river trout reserve. Got the picture? Theres plenty of action to be had in Courmayeur.

However if no action at all is your cup of tea, then no action it shall be. Go sit on the mountain and soak in the suns rays by one of the two swimming pools at altitudes of 1700m or 2050m. Or enjoy one of the many restaurants or snack bars scattered over the mountain. The cable cars run all summer, so you wont have to walk to all this “non action”. Lunching in the village or one of the valleys can be an all day affair, or hey, just sit on your balcony and drink in the beauty. You can be as active or as inactive as you want to be.

A superb convention centre located in the centre of town has every physical and communication facility needed to have your business function running as smoothly as possible, regardless of size. There is plenty about in the form of discos, bars, restaurants and the like, but it is not overly rambunctious to the point that you cannot stand it. It is, as the rest of Courmayeur

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