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Lamezia Terme is a city and commune in the province of Catanzaro (Calabria) in Italy. It is the major city on the Tyrrhenian Sea side of Italy in the 500 km-stretch from Salerno to Reggio Calabria.
Main sights:
The Castle is today an ensemble of ruins occupying the summit of a hill 320 m high. It was built, according to some scholars, by the Bruttii or by Greeks colonists. The current structure dates probably from the Norman domination, although some structure existed at the time of the Ostrogoth king Teia, Eco-museum of Lamezia Terme in Sambiase.

The Bastion of the Knights of Malta is a massive, well-preserved watchtower built in 1550 by the Spanish viceroy of Naples Pedro de Toledo. It was assigned to the Knights, who had a fief in the neighbourhood. Ruins of several other watchtowers are in the area. Near SantEufemia, the ruins of the Cistercian abbey of Santa Maria di Corazzo can be seen. It was founded around 1060. Joachim of Fiore was an abbot here, and Bernardino Telesio wrote many of his philosophical works here in 1554.

The abbey of the 40 Martyrs (Lamezia Terme - Sambiase), created in the 9th-10th century, is still active, The Diocesan Museum houses an Arab-Norman ivory case (12th century), paintings of 17th-18th centuries and other works, The numerous churches of Sambiase di Lamezia Terme are wonderfoul ,the most important is Saint Pancrazio†s church. In Saint Pancrazio†s church there are some Mattia Preti†s pictures.

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