Orosei is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Nuoro in the Italian region Sardinia, located about 140 km northeast of Cagliari and about 30 km east of Nuoro.

Sardinia’s renowned central-eastern coast takes its name from this town; the Gulf of Orosei, most famous for its multi-shaped sandy shores along the coastline. Situated in the Cedrino River’s flatland, it’s distinguished from the other towns because it keeps its interesting past alive, identified historically as Baronia’s chief town.

Walking along the town’s old streets, you can admire its narrow alleys over which the alternating, old, white, limestone buildings, and the buildings from the nineteenth-century look. You will also come across the church of St. Anthony the Abbot, charming for its close proximity to the Pisan tower and the “cumbessias”. These are small, antique, one-roomed houses generally of stone, where people spent the night on the occasion of the celebration in honour of the saint.

Noteworthy are the parish of St. James Maggiore built between the XVII and XVIII Centuries, that conserves an interesting baptismal spring made of wood, as well as that of Madonna del Rimedio. These two churches holy days are deeply felt, celebrated respectively July 25th and the second Sunday of September and include the participation of most surrounding towns and the presence of numerous visitors who watch the parades and dances in costume with great interest. |interruzione di pagina However, it is Orosei’s seaside component that makes it important.

Orosei has proven to be one of the towns most prepared for the tourist season. Its beaches are equipped and always clean, its marine seabed is protected from vandalism and its diversified tourist-facilities are able to satisfy all needs. Tour operators have been careful in building hotels in harmony with this territory’s environment, often using materials that protect this natural patrimony, unique in its kind.

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