Protected from the Northern winds by the Lattari Mountains, Positano has a mild and dry climate. The structure of the town is very original; its buildings cling, in tiers to the rock face. The small houses, all huddling on top of each other, so characteristic of Positano, form the subject of endless photos. The vibrant colors; the white of the buildings, forming a perfect canvas for the bright flowers which decorate the houses, and the small artisans’, shops with their multihued cloths, present the visitor with a vista which is almost difficult to believe. Then there is the smell of the leather used for making sandals, and the restaurants specialised in fish dishes, and the bustle of every day life.

Positano offers the visitor superb views and beautiful beaches; the Marina and the Spiaggia Grande, which are at the foot of the town and the smaller Fornillo and Porta di Arienzo beaches on either side.

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