San Martino Di Castrozza

Santa Marino Di Castrozza is a famous tourist resort (winter and summer) located in the valley of Primiero in Trentino East. The western portion, which has 428 inhabitants, belongs to the municipality of Siror , while the eastern, of 135 inhabitants, of whom Tonadico.

San Martino lies in a grassy green valley, surrounded by Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino. From the village there are numerous peaks Dolomite : the Cimon della Pala , the Vezzana (visible from the area or from the plateau of Passo Rolle of Pale ), the Rosetta, the Sass Maor, the peaks of Val Roda, the Top of Our Lady, and by sweeter than other relief Cavallazza and the tops of porphyry Colbricon Colbricon and small. The country has also seen the group of peaks Feltre , with the characteristic pyramid shape at the top of Mount Pavione .

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