Sciacca is a town and comune in the province of Agrigento on the southwestern coast of Sicily. It has noteworthy views of the Mediterranean Sea.

There were older Sicanian settlements nearby, and Sciacca’s thermal springs were known to the Greeks of Selinunte, but it was under the Romans that the town reached its greatest level of development during the ancient era. Diocletian made it a focal point of the imperial courier service for the province of Sicily.

Under the Normans, Sciacca’s feudal rights were assigned by Roger I to his daughter, Juliet. She had Christian churches and monasteries founded alongside mosques. In the fifteenth century bloody feuds broke out between rival families The Luna family figured prominently in this unrest. Their castle was erected in 1380.

The town, located west of Agrigento, has has several interesting churches. Its ceramic art is interesting. The annual carnevale (mardi gras) is very popular. There are nice beaches (the San Marco and Contrada Sobareto) nearby, and the thermal and mud baths are among the best of their kind in the Mediterranean. As you would expect of a fishing port, the seafood is exceptional.

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