Hidden along Sardinias northern coast and situated in the middle of the valley of the Coghinas River is the town of Valledoria. It is surrounded by gentle hills and the beauties that look out over the Gulf of Asinara; its an ideal position from which to easily reach the most famous surrounding destinations including Castelsardo, Mimosa Bay, Isola Rossa and Costa Paradiso.

Heading east, you will arrive in no time at the Maddalena Archipelago and the Emerald Coast. Heading west, after about an hours drive you can visit the area of Stintino, Alghero and Capo Caccia with its famous Grotte di Nettuno. Interesting sites include the Petrified Forest, the nuraghe Leni, the Casteldoria baths and the ruins of the homonymous castle from the XII Century. Its coastline is formed by fine, sandy, long and varied beaches with ample portions of alternating rock and sandy dunes that break into a yet uncontaminated sea and its multicoloured seabed.

The area of Valledoria belonged to the Anglona administration in the Giudicato of Torres up until the second half of the thirteenth-century when it was passed over to the Genoese family Doria. In 1376, the family unified its Sardinian possessions with those of the Giudicali arborensi, as a result of the marriage between Brancaleone Doria and Judge Eleonora dArborea. After the Aragonese conquest, the barony of Coghinas was heavily hit by epidemics that took place, for the most part, beginning in the XV Century. They had a devastating effect on medieval settlements.

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