The tiny Arab nation of Kuwait is an oasis of culture, entertainment and leisure for visitors wanting to enjoy the very best of the Persian Gulf. The majority of sights and attractions in Kuwait are found in the capital, Kuwait City. The dazzling metropolis is a fascinating blend of Arab culture and architecture as it comes of age in the 21st century. To learn about Kuwaiti history there are no better places to visit than the National Museum and the Tareq Rjab Museum. Both museums are bursting with magnificent collections of ethnographic artefacts and intricate Islamic art. Two more cultural landmarks you must visit are: the impressive Grand Mosque with its elegant interior; and the Souk Al-Mubarakiya, where you can pass the day wandering from stall to stall bargaining for brassware, textiles, jewellery and sampling from the delicious and local-frequented restaurants. Kuwait City also offers all the extravagance and luxury you could expect from an oil-producing nation. There are immaculate shopping complexes like The Avenues, lavish seaside resorts and beach clubs as well as plush hotels and restaurants. For the best views of the city head up, way up to the observation decks at either the Kuwait Towers of the Liberation Tower.

There are few things to see beyond the city with the exception of the luxurious seaside resorts. When visiting the beach clubs you will notice how specific days are only for men and others, only for women and children. This policy respects the country’s Islamic culture. If you are a water sports fanatic then you will absolutely love the plethora of activities available on the cobalt-coloured waters of the Persian Gulf including; yachting, deep-sea fishing, jet skiing, water-skiing and scuba diving.

If you feel like straying from the opulence of your resort then you can take a dhow to Failaka Island where ruins from the Mesopotamian era can be found and where further tourist developments are just beginning.

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