Tiny Luxembourg may seem like a blip on a map of Europe but as many visitors soon realise, this little country is plump with medieval history, a thriving gastronomic scene and ample visual delights. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, as it is formally known, takes cultural and linguistic cues from its larger neighbours, Belgium, France and Germany. However, lucky for us Luxembourg retains a fairy-tale-like atmosphere with its picturesque villages and scenic natural landscapes. And because the country is pint-sized you can tour the major destinations all within a few hours of driving.

Whether you arrive in Luxembourg via Luxembourg Airport of through the Luxembourg railway station, choosing to pre-book your Luxembourg transfers with hoppa is the best way to get you quickly from Point A to B. The best way to visit all the sites in the capital of Luxembourg City, is by enjoying a walking tour. The Casemates du Bock, Petrusse Park and the Mudam Museum are just some of the many highlights worth exploring! Refuel after a full day of sightseeing on gourmet fare that can be found on just about every corner. Whether you desire the exquisite palates of Michelin starred chefs or the comforting dishes of cozy bistros, Luxembourg City has some of the most refined dining in Europe.

Drive just a few hours southeast and you will arrive in the gorgeous little town of Remich, known for its famous wineries and lovely tree-lined promenades.

Or go north and discover the handsome town of Vianden, home to the famed Vianden Caslte, one the largest fortified castles west of the Rhine River. Constructed shortly after the 10th century the impressive castle and surrounding structures have been perfectly restored. They are a wonderful place to spend an afternoon absorbing its history and charm. Continue north and you will be swept up in the beautiful mountainous scenery of the Ardennes.  Every village and town here seems to be straight out of an oil painting. The town of Clervaux is another photo-worthy destination. The majestic Clervaux Castle offers an interesting museum as well as the world-famous “Family of Man” photography exhibit by Edward Steichen. The huge collection of thought-provoking photographs is on permanent display here.

Luxembourg is truly a European gem worth discovering. With the cultural and culinary potential to rival any on the continent, you won’t want to miss a moment. Don’t be stuck waiting for transport and pre-book your Luxembourg airport transfer online. Then you can count on one of our reliable hoppa vehicles to be ready and waiting to whisk you off on your fairy-tale holiday.