Bahar Ic Caghaq

Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq is a small Maltese village situated between the limits of Madliena, Magħtab, Għargħur and Pembroke. The area is situated at the mouth of the islands longest valley called Wied il-Kbir. The name Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq in Maltese can be translated to the meaning ‘sea of pebbles’ in English. The area has been traditionally allocated to one of the nicest bathing spots on the island and as the location’s name suggests, one may find a long stretch of rocky coast characterised by a large number of pebbles and sharp rocks in the limits of the area. The area of Bahar ic-Cagħaq has been used as a camping site by British forces during the British colonial period of the islands.

Two century old chapels are found in the area, one of which has been abandoned. A modern central parish church and Franciscan retreat house are also found in the town. Opposite Bahar ic-Cagħaq is a marine entertainment centre which also has a dolphin show. Bahar ic-Caghaq nowadays is best known for the White Rocks bathing area, a small number of bars and restaurants, a boy-scout camping site and a hugely poplular ice-cream kiosk.

Residents are approximately 1250 persons (2007 estimate). The town forms part of the Local Council of Naxxar, however the parish district of the town falls under the neighbouring Għargħur. In the last 15 years the land development increased by threefold and Maltese people continue to purchase and develop property in the area.

There has been a concern by local residents regarding the land exploitation and the environmental pollution caused by the ruin at the village entrance which is being used as a refuge for dogs, the illegal caravan campers and bathers occupying the beach area during the summer months. There is also concern about the pollution caused by the landfill situated in the nearby region of Maghtab which is still not sanitised, as well as by the newer Zwejra landfills situated above the neighbouring region of Maghtab.

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