Floriana (Maltese: Furjana) is a town in Malta, just outside the capital city Valletta. Floriana is the birthplace of many famous Maltese, amongst which the composer of the national anthem, L-Innu Malti, Robert Samut; former Bishop of Malta Dom Mauro Caruana, the poet Oliver Friggieri and singer and Swedish Idol winner Kevin Borg.

Floriana is a town in Malta, just outside the capital city Valletta. It is named after the Italian military engineer Pietro Paolo Floriani from Macerata who was responsible for building the Floriana fortifications. However, the actual building of Floriana as a residential town was the work of the Portuguese Grand Master Antonio Manoel de Vilhena and in fact Floriana was also known as Borgo Vilhena or Citta Vilhena.

The Archipresbyteral Church of Floriana is dedicated to Saint Publius, traditionally acclaimed as the first Bishop of Malta. It was the same Publius who received the Apostle Paul during his shipwreck on the island as recounted in the Acts of the Apostles. In fact apart from being the Patron Saint of Floriana, Saint Publius is also one of the Patron Saints of Malta.

Floriana possesses the foremost football club in Malta, Floriana Football Club which was the most successful club throughout the 20th century. Other sports clubs in Floriana are the Floriana Amateur Football Club, Floriana Basketball Club, Klabb Bocci Floriana (trans.: Floriana Bowling Club), Vikings Sailing Club and Young Stars Hockey Club. All of these clubs, in addition to the Floriana Supporters Club and with the exception of the sailing club, are affiliated to the Assocjazzjoni Sport Floriana (trans.: Floriana Sports Association).

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