Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos has for many decades been a quiet fishing village. In a short period of time, over the last half decade it has seen steady growth in large seasonal homes and deluxe resorts. The steady encroachment by resorts and villas along the northern beaches of Puerto Morelos has not taken away the qualities that made this village attractive in the first place but they have produced more traffic and garbage. As a result there seems to be some decline in fauna activity in the nearby mangroves. But the coral reef off shore has benefited from ecological enforcement and management. The locals are friendly and many are expatriates that have opened businesses. The food offers are very good and the snorkeling is excellent. It is only 20 minutes from Cancuns airport and is a perfect place for travelers who want to get to the beach quickly without suffering the riotous crowding and noise of Cancun or Playa Del Carmen. You will find a lot of Things to Do and great Day trips as Puerto Morelos is at the start of the Riviera Maya and close to lots of the areas attractions.

To do:

1) Swimming. Near the shore, water temperatures average about 27°C (80°F) year round. Freshwater swimming is available inland, at several cenotes. At cenotes that are not exposed to sunlight, temperatures are colder, and a partial wetsuit may be necessary for anything more than a brief dip.

2) Reef Diving. The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef lies about 500 meters offshore. It is closer to the shore near Puerto Morelos than it is at most other points along the coast of Quintana Roo. Several dive shops and nearby resorts offering diving on the reef.

3) Snorkeling. Guided trips by boat are offered to the reef. Snorkeling out to the reef from shore on your own is not permitted. To protect the reef against intentional and unintentional damage, you are only allowed onto the reef in the company of an accredited guide and wearing a life jacket. If you do go it alone, you risk being picked out of the water by park wardens who may just tell you off and take you back to the shore, but are within their rights to fine you. Note that these rules are not clearly signposted anywhere. A light wetsuit is welcome certain times of year.

4) Cenotes. Cenotes are sinkholes in the native limestone that are filled with crystal-clear groundwater; some are large and deep, while others are small passages through a cave. Inland from Puerto Morelos, many cenotes are accessible along the road from P.M. to Central Vallarta, some with really good swimming in clear blue water; one good one is Boca de Puma, which has nice trails through the forest and a cool snorkel through a cave passage. Snorkel in a cenote a few meters out in front of the Ojo de Agua hotel or the Puerto Morelos Reef.

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