La Palmeraie

Marrakech – the name alone sounds exotic and enticing. And rest assured, the ancient Red City at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, hidden behind its 12 kilometre-long, two metre-thick XIIth century red wall, will not disappoint you.

You are transported to a different world and will enjoy ambling through the bustling labyrinth of narrow alleys of the Medina (souk), where you can buy souvenirs, watch craftsmen at work in tiny shops, and soak up the exotic atmosphere. There will be plenty of tourists, of course, but the Medina is not just for tourists. The locals actually shop here, with some of them even fighting their way through the crowds on their smelly, fuming motorbikes.

Hiring a guide is highly recommended, as you soon lose your way, even with a map in hand. Your guide will take you wherever you want to try your hand at bartering, and he will be very disappointed, even angry-looking if you do not buy anything. Presumably he is on a share of the profits!

If you happen to show interest in something, be it traditional medicine, oriental spices, a brass coffee table, a carpet or a tajine dish, the vendor may offer you tea, which you are expected to accept, just as you are expected to bargain for the price of any item; so do not feel embarrassed - the locals do it too!

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