Myanmar is an ancient country that often evokes a sense of mystery to outsiders. Formerly known as Burma, the country displays its thousands of years of Buddhist history in a number of ways. There are countless temples and pagodas in the cities and towns, their spires glimmering in the sun. Along the bustling streets, visitors are sure to encounter devout monks in flowing maroon robes with expressions of inner peace and devotion. 

Myanmar is more than a destination; it is a journey in itself. Whether you are trekking though the lush and remote hiking trails of Inle Lake, Kengtung or Putao, or exploring some of those gilded pagodas, such as the Mahamuni Pagoda in Mandalay, you will discover the heart of this captivating nation. What makes travelling through Myanmar all the more exciting is that until recently, it has been shut out from the rest of the world. Therefore, Myanmar still closely appears as it did over fifty years ago. As the country opens up and foreign visitors steadily flow in, the veil lifts away and the real Myanmar is better than anything you could have imagined.  

Yangon International Airport is your key to entering this enchanting land and for most visitors Yangon is the first stop. Yangon, (formerly known as Rangoon) remains Myanmar’s largest city and a highlight of any trip. The city’s skyline is painted with an eclectic mix of contemporary high-rise buildings, colonial remnants and gold-plated pagodas and shrines. The top sites to see in Yangon focus on the religious structures such as: the Shwedagon Pagoda, known as the “winking wonder”, the Sule Pagoda and the riverside Botataung Paya.

Stray off the beaten path and travel to Myanmar’s more out of the way sites which have mesmerised and inspired onlookers for generations. Bagan is Myanmar’s most famous archaeological site. The ancient city houses over 200 rust coloured temples and pagodas that rise above the flourishing green landscape. A surreal flight in a hot air balloon is absolutely the most breath-taking way to view Bagan in all its glory.  Find yourself staring in disbelief at the Kyaiktiyo Pagoda. This holy site teeters gracefully atop a huge granite boulder, which is thoughtfully covered with thousands of gold leaves, pasted on by devotees every year.

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