Sometimes called the “Land of Lakes and Volcanoes,” Nicaragua is Central America’s largest country, and as the name describes, home to vast swathes of rainforest, volcanoes, lakes and mountains. The country’s wealth of natural beauty and undisturbed wildlife is its claim to fame, much like its popular neighbour Costa Rica.

Decades of political and civil unrest, coupled with devastating earthquakes destroyed many historical landmarks, and kept Nicaragua from realising its full potential as a top tourist destination in the region.  However, with increased levels of stability, Nicaragua is now one of the safest countries in Central America. More and more travellers from across the globe are falling in love with the country’s array of attractions including, surviving colonial landmarks, a thriving ecotourism sector, a host of pristine beaches and cultivated cities that are on the rebound. It won’t be long until Nicaragua becomes an ‘it’ spot for tourists, but until then you will find that prices here are low and you can still enjoy the authenticity of local culture.

Managua is the country’s capital city and while many tourists opt to skip it altogether, this jumble of low-rise buildings and screeching traffic is more than what it seems. With a handful of museums, monuments, decorated plazas, colourful street art and close proximity to nature reserves, lagoons and hot springs, the city is worth a second look.

If you want to get your fill of urban culture, be sure to visit the country’s ‘intellectual’ capital Léon and the city of Granada, home to the country’s best-preserved colonial architecture.

You can’t visit Nicaragua without a trip Ometepe Island, located on Lake Nicaragua and formed by two joined volcanoes, Concepcion and Maderas. Whether you choose to hike the volcanoes, cycle across the island or kayak in the cool waters, spending a few days here will be a highlight of your holiday.

With two dramatic coastlines Nicaragua offers travellers the chance to surf and fish in the Pacific Ocean ,and swim and snorkel in the Caribbean Sea. Whether you prefer a high-end beach resort like the one in Playa del Coco or the chilled-out vibes of a rustic fishing village like El Ostional, Nicaragua has you covered. If love to surf or want to learn, then head to the popular beach town of San Juan del Sur. Set off by volcanic hills in the distance, it is the biggest backpackers spot in the country, with lots of cheap hostels and bars. For those seeking an incredibly romantic getaway, the Pearl Keys offer up the most picturesque beaches with all the usual trimmings; rows of palm trees, snow-white sands and crystal clear turquoise waters. And for those willing to travel the seventy kilometres offshore, will be greatly rewarded with the phenomenal beauty of the Corn Islands. This pair of islands offers visitors; secluded coves, dense tropical jungle and funky beachside cabañas.

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