Like a Gulf pearl, Qatar is a small and splendid country that holds your gaze with its shimmering, ultramodern buildings and glistening white beaches. Qatar juts out into the Arabian Gulf and is surrounded by warm, cobalt waters on three sides. Qatar’s immense wealth stems from its vast oil and natural gas reserves, which fuel the strong economy. This level of prosperity is the most apparent in the capital city of Doha. Most travellers will only know Doha as a layover destination between Europe and Asia or Australia. While the ultra-modern terminal building of Hamad International Airport is impressive, step outside its doors and you will find yourself blown over by the city it serves. Pre-book your Qatar airport transfers with hoppa and skip the long taxi queues, with a city like Doha before you, you won’t want to miss a beat. Futuristic skyscrapers steal the show on the city’s skyline while Ferraris and other luxury cars zip by below. Tourists spend most of their time in and around Doha enjoying the city’s refined museums like the Museum of Islamic Art, and massive shopping malls. These mega-sized shopping malls are Qatar’s answer to escaping the extreme heat that scorches the country most of the year. Qataris take their shopping very seriously and you will find every major international label well represented here. Beyond the luxury shopping these malls offer ice rinks, movie theatres, spas, and amusement parks. There is even an indoor river with its own gondola inside of the Venetian-themed Villaggio plaza. The ultimate prize of Doha though is the resplendent man-made island, fittingly called The Pearl-Qatar. This state-of-the-art development hosts over a dozen high-rise apartments, stylish international restaurants and designer boutiques.

Venture outside of Doha and you have the opportunity to visit Qatar’s many desert forts, picturesque mosques and archaeological sites. In the north there is the old town of Al Zubarah that consists of a formidable stone fort that holds artefacts found during excavations of the nearby Fisherman’s Village. One of the most interesting sites is Al Jassasiya, where hundreds of mysterious petroglyphs have been carved into stone.

Qatar is so much more than just sun, sand and sea. Qatar is a world-class Middle Eastern holiday destination that welcomes tourists to enjoy all of its remarkable achievements. Pre-book your Qatar airport transfer and slip into holiday mode as soon as you land.